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The Nepali Public Relation Committee, America (NPRCA)

was founded on 2006 in Dallas, Texas USA as per state law and registered under the IRS code 501 (c) 3 in 2015. This organization is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This organization functions in accordance to its bylaws. It functions according to the law of land in case of any discrepancy with government laws. NPRCA is an official wing of the oldest and largest democratic party of Nepal, Nepali Congress which was established by the greatest visionary leader of Nepal Late BP Koirala.  NPRCA advocates for democratic values, harmony, human rights and freedom of speech in our ever growing number of Nepali Diaspora in the USA. We promote Nepali Congress ideological values through our activities irrespective of political geography. We believe in humanity and brotherhood. Together we can make this world a better place. 


The principal mission is to continue to build and develop a network amongst Nepali Diaspora and organizations with similar missions irrespective of political geography.


NPRCA maintains a formal and an official affiliation with the oldest Democratic Party Nepali Congress for the promotion of democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and people’s sovereignty. 

- To offer research about B.P. Koirala’s Vision for public relations and social work with likeminded democrats and contribute in relation to socio-economic development and policy.

- To provide and facilitate information about Nepal and the Nepalese society, ethnicity, traditions, customs, and lifestyle, to American born Nepalese people, or to migrated people from Nepal, or any other interested individual, or groups. 

- To Foster Fostering among Nepali nationals, including government officials and others visiting or temporarily living in the United States, a greater knowledge and understanding of American literature, art, science, and other facts relating to the diversities and similarities of the Nepali and American ways of life.

- NPRCA will organize many educational, media related and other activities in its bid to promote and facilitate Nepali communities around the continent.

Collect funds and assist victims of natural disasters and other humanitarian crisis in the USA, in Nepal, and around the world.

To foster a cordial relationship between Nepal and American People, by establishing direct communication channels with local ethnic and national media, and organizing regular seminars on topics of mutual interest.

To work towards strengthening social bonds among Nepali Americans, irrespective of region, religion, race, creed and color, and help to generate a feeling of oneness and brotherhood.

- Collect community information regarding their necessities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and also their opinion & ideas as how to empower community members conducting research activities.


NPRCA always promote and advocate for harmony, democratic values and human rights through organization’s activities. Our organization shall play intermediary roll to facilitate members, either individuals or groups, to consult with social agencies, governmental agencies, religious groups, political leaders, or any related agencies to fulfill their necessities.

-NPRCA will encourage Nepali Diaspora engagement in trade, investment, and technology transfer between USA and Nepal. 

- NPRCA promote and exchange trade, tourism, education, and cultural between Nepal and United States.

Our Objectives: 

- To create a think tank of academicians, research scholar, and professionals of Nepal origin in USA to utilize their expertise and wisdom to generate new ideas this could be beneficial for the Nepali community in America and the people of Nepal.

- To host interaction and knowledge exchange program with experts, investor, social and business entrepreneur, political leaders, governmental agencies, and international diaspora partners.


-NPRCA shall have many local chapters. Membership to this organization is open to all who subscribe and adhere to the principles of this organization, which is committed to charitable research, and educational purposes, who are willing to support for the betterment of the USA and Nepal, and who have not committed any crime and broke the law of the land.

Our Mission
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