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Message from the President

I want to welcome you all to this website as the president of the Nepali Janasamparka Samiti (NJSS, Nepali Public Relations Committee), USA. This website highlights the diverse activities we carry out through our organization. In a country like the United States with a vast territory, we try to capture every action carried out by the central leadership and subordinate chapter committees via this web platform of NJSS. We are working in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Samiti, governed by the policies and directives of the mother party Nepali Congress.


Nepali Janasamparka Samiti was established four decades ago by the eminent person in Nepali politics, Mahamanav Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala, the first elected Prime Minister of Nepal. The purpose was to unite expatriate members of congress to work in the country's interest and the party. The need for and importance of the NJSS has been growing ever since and is at its pinnacle at present. The contribution of NJSS members from across the globe has always been valued immensely by the mother party, Nepali Congress. Today, the voice of the Janasamparka Samiti plays a vital role in the internal activities of the party. The existence of the coordination department of Janasamparka Samiti has been provisioned in the constitution of the mother party. Legal provision has also been made for the Janasamparka Samiti to participate in the party's general convention and elect the leadership.


We, the expatriates, are always committed to joining and contributing to the motherland remaining within the policies, rules, and laws of the country concerned. It is the emotional attachment and relationship with the party that has brought us under the umbrella of the Nepali Janasamparka Samiti. The Janasamparka Samiti, USA has continuously and proactively participated in and contributed to every party's activity. The Samiti and friends from all walks of life in the United States have contributed to all activities, including the party's call for fundraising during the great earthquake, floods, and the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal. We are proud of all our members and appeal for ever-increasing support in the internal activities of the Samiti.


The Janasamparka Samiti is a non-profit organization registered under U.S. law. The committee works socially on American soil for democracy, human rights, citizen's freedom, press freedom, equality, and justice. Therefore, NJSS is not only an organization for political ideology but also for social welfare. For this, we have been working in collaboration and coordination with all the associations and institutions to better the Nepali community. We have been working hand in hand to support our friends of Nepali descent who are moving forward in the mainstream of American politics.  


Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to Gautam Dahalji, the Central Member and Head of the Communications and Publicity Department of the Committee, for working tirelessly for our website. I also request the members and well-wishers of all committee levels to give constructive and creative suggestions on what would be appropriate to make our digital office more efficient and accessible.

Jai Nepal.

Gorakh (Anand) Bist
President, NJSS USA and
Invitee Central Member,

Nepali Congress

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